Final Pitch-Morgan Wilkins

For my final project I will be doing a music video. I will be using one of my favorite songs All Too Well by Taylor Swift. When I think about this song I think of it as telling a story and that’s what I want to do. I don’t want it to be a typical music video. I don’t want random dance numbers or someone singing. I don’t want 3 or 4 specific scenes that go back and forth with each other.  I really just want to tell a story. I want the viewers to be able to watch the video without the music behind it and still understand what is going on. I’m really excited to do this because I have never done anything creative like this. The song I plan on using is posted below incase anyone wanted to listen :)


So I tried to post this in like March or so but I think I posted it to my blog on accident


Morgan Wilkins

Assignment 1-POP Proposal

-I’m not really sure what I want to do for this project. I was thinking of doing it at the local park. I want it to be a peaceful, playful feel. I want to film the lake, the playground with children in it and all the surroundings. I really want to get different looking angles. Not just basic head on shots. I want the audience to want to go there. To enjoy the park and want to see what it is all about.

Assignment 3- Film Critique 

Video 1 

1. I like the fading in and out. When they show something in the foreground and then in the background. In the very beginning when he zooms into the sign on the fence, it show you where you are and establishes the mood.

2. I didn’t really like the zooming in and out. I feel like it was a little too choppy. The overall video was well put together though.

3. It gave me ideas for different angles, what to look for to film, and if zooming in and out is a good thing.

Video 2

1. I really liked the different angles he used. I liked how he got them going in the train from the back and the front, down the isle, and the training pulling out of the station.

2. I think it would have been cool to do the whole video about the train. Not adding the dumpster and other elements.

3. It gave me an idea to put motion in the shot without moving the camera instead of moving the camera on something still.

Video 3

1. I really liked the scene where it was dark and had the light coming in from the window.

2. The only thing I didn’t like was the crickets on the ceiling, kind of grossed me out.

3. It was a creepy feeling so it gave me an idea to maybe make it a little spooky.


Assignment 4-Film Viewing

The Evil Dead

1. Five friends travel to a cabin in the woods, where they unknowingly release flesh-possessing demons.

2. The dutch angle shot is a main shot used in this film.

3. I liked this film. I enjoy horror films a lot so this was entertaining to me. I especially enjoyed the angles of the camera and the editing because it was different than any other film I’ve seen.


Kasey Lightfoot Assignment 8

For my final assignment I will be doing an extended portrait of a place on my family home in Glen Spey, NY. This is a house that’s been in my family for three generations, and somewhere I’ve spent my summers since I was born. Through this house I’ve formed relationships with family members who I normally wouldn’t get to spend much time with, and I think it has greatly shaped my experience with my family. My film will consist of narration as well as family interviews, while showing the audience the house, the town, and inside look at my family. 

Joe DeRosa Assignment #8

Im going to do my final project based off of my experience of going away to college and then coming back home. It is a very common scenario that young people are put in any many can relate. I want to make it a type of documentary where the camera is on the people being interviewed. I want to find 1-2 other college students to go along with myself to be interviewed about their experiences. I want to get the point across of why they went away, why they came back home, and now that they are back home what kind of adjustments they are making to their lifestyle. I got some good ideas when we spoke about it in class and I feel like my idea has been steered in the right direction. 

Assignment # 4 Errol Brown

For this assignment I watched the movie “City of God” starring Alexdrae Rodrigues and Leandro Firmino. Taking place in the country of Brazil in slums of Rio de Janeiro aka “the city of god” the film depicts the lives of 2 young men named Rocket and Lil Ze’. As children although already leading different lives Rocket and Lil Ze new each other from living in the same neighborhood. As Lil Ze admired Rockets older brother gang, Rocket veered on a different path not wanting to disappoint his parents as his brother already did. Rockets’ ambitions eventually lead him to become a freelance photographer for the local newspaper as Lil Ze chose his past as a child and was and always wanted to be a gangster. Eventually Rocket and Lil Ze eventually cross paths and Rocket ironically becomes Lil Ze’s personal photographer. After Lil Ze is murdered by a local neighborhood child gang, Rocket capitalizes on his photos of Lil Ze’s life and death and it puts him on a path to a better life eventually landing an internship at the local newspaper.

I think this movie could apply to what we have learned in class through the use of lighting. Throughout the movie a lot of natural lighting seemed to be used as many of the scenes seemed to be filmed outdoors. One of the last scenes in the movie which was a stand-off between Lil Ze’s gang and the police showed the use of natural lighting but still control since many close-up shots were actually use on Lil Ze’s face.

Personally I enjoyed this movie very much and have entered my top 10 gangster movie list. I thought the use of the city Rio de Janeiro was clever in itself because you always hear of this city as a beautiful, tranquil city and has become a tourist destination. I found it intriguing that this movie showed the part of Rio that you never hear about on the travel commercials. I was pleased with the script although I thought it could be a little more sophisticated with the use of the Brazilian vernacular.

Assignment # 8 Errol Brown

For my final project I would like to film a music video to a song written by Jay-z. The title of the song is called American Dreamin’ and has not had a video made for it yet. I took the vocals off of the original “American Dreamin” song by Jay-z and put them over an instrumental that I created. I will be using the blended version of this song and will try to make the video coincide with the title “American Dreaming”.


For my final project I will be doing a documentary of my life since I moved to United States. I will be showing the struggles I had to overcome for example, not speaking English, people making fun of me becasue of my accent, all the racial comments, the change in culture, leaving my life in Colombia. I want to show how hard it was for me to move to a different country but, I also want to show the advantages it has brought for me and how much my life has changed and how much I have grown as a person.

Assignment # 8 – Miguel Salcedo

For my final project i will do a video documentary about the diversity in the game of baseball. I want to show how baseball is becoming a global sport and more players from different countries are starting to play baseball. The idea come to me because i’m a baseball fan and i think of those times where just white people play the game. But today there are baseball players in the major league from many different countries. However, i will focus more on showing the diversity in our Old Westbury college baseball team, where i know several player and they all come from different background.

Taylor D’Amico ASSIGNMENT #8

For the final video project I’m going to be focusing on video games and violence. I’ll go into detail of why when a violence crime happens that video games are accuse of being underling suspect in causing the violence. I’ll try find out if video game can cause violence in people or is their something else that cause it.

Katie Karst and Christina Rinaldo Assignment #8

In our last semester, we made a mockumentary about a made up character. It was a cross between Miley Cyrus and Lindsey Lohan. For this semester we would like to make another mockumentary which relates to this one. We want to show where “Janessa Escobar” is today. In the last mockumentary, Janessa was an alcoholic who wrote very controversial songs. Now we want to show her more normal and sober. How her life has changed in the past year.


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